- Altaha Abilia -

Of course the best friend has the worst circumstances piled on top of him

What a way to start off the first three minutes of the game

Serina is me… literally.

Shortest character in the game who has a habit of getting angry easily and punches people.


No really, what kind of name is Wake though?

One of the only times I won’t be using the default name huh…

montypla said: I thought of three people it could be when I read this, then saw the tags and was like “Yep. Sam Riegel.”

My other hunches were either Steve Staley or Bryce Papenbrook or Orion Acaba, and I wasn’t that far off cause they’re part of the main cast. It’s pretty decent so far…

So I got Conception II and I had a hunch on who was going to voice the lead.

And my assumption was right

And I say again that there should be a Moogle Chucking Olympic event

And the current competitors are Lightning, Serah, and Noel. Bonus Snow.

The feels I get whenever I listen to Gackt

specially Metamorphoze, Love Letter, and Redemption

Trying to stay awake in a boring class